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Work with Natalie to plan your next event


Everyone meet Natalie! She is the head of our catering department.

Natalie has been a part of our Ally's Bistro family for seven years. She started here working as a part of our kitchen staff and quickly transitioned to front of house working with our guests, and then worked her way to join our management team. Natalie discovered her love for catering and special events early on while working at Ally's and has put a lot into creating our catering department which she now leads.
Natalie loves catering because she enjoys using her creativity to come up with the perfect menu for different occasions. Anything from retirement parties, to themed events, and upscale dinner parties she is your girl! 
She also loves working with people to make help their vision for their big day turn into a reality.
If you have any questions or ideas for your next event please feel free to reach out and let's get your perfect menu planned! 


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